​5 Must Have Products for the Avian Enthusiast

Supplements for your pet bird are extremely vital for their health and wellbeing! Part of being a responsible bird owner means making sure your pet’s health needs are being met. If bird owners can optimize their bird's environment and diet, many problems that require care by an avian veterinarian can be avoided. This means that your bird can live a longer, healthier life and your wallet will be happier! Our avian specialist has put together a list of supplements every bird owner should have on hand to ensure excellent avian health:


Just like you, your bird requires a high-quality daily vitamin. Aside from high quality food and fruits and vegetables (depending on the bird), a daily vitamin regimen is the first thing I recommend to new bird owners. Providing your pet with a high potency vitamin and mineral supplement helps support proper growth, immune function and more. My favorite on the market is called Hearty Bird. It’s a high quality, human grade supplement, and will provide your bird with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.


Tetratex is a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat chlamydial and other intestinal or respiratory bacterial infections in birds. It’s important to note that antibiotics should always be the last resort when it comes to caring for your bird, as overuse of antibiotics may result in drug resistant strains of bacteria developing. * However, having a broad-spectrum antibiotic such as Tetratex readily on hand, and available without a prescription, may be convenient as a preventative measure if your bird shows signs they are not feeling well. It is always recommended to consult a vet for the best care of your bird’s health.


Once or twice a year your feathered friend will go through what is called a moult. Moulting is where your bird sheds its feathers and produces new feathers to replace the old feathers. While the moulting process is completely normal, it can leave your bird looking more like a bald chicken than its typical fluffy self. Feather Fast is a supplement packed full of high potency vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help promote successful moults. Feather fast is also vital in keeping colored bird feathers bright, vibrant and healthy!


We all know the healing power of a warm bowl of soup or a hot cup of tea when you have a particularly bad cold. Thrive is like a bowl of soup for your bird when they are sick or injured. Thrive is a full spectrum blend of high potency vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and protein and helpful if a bird needs a slight immune system boost.


Untreated stress is the leading cause of death in companion birds. Vitalize is a dietary supplement used for the treatment of dehydration and exhaustion in birds. This supplement is helpful for anyone receiving new birds into their aviaries. Acclimating to a new environment can be stressful to a bird. Adding Vitalize to your bird’s water for the first few days upon arrival may help their bodies recover from any stress related to their journey and or adjustment in their new environment.

We hope this information has helped you in preparing for the proper care of your pet bird! To place an order or get more information on specific nutritional needs for your bird call our customer support team at 877-527-5656 or email customersupport@thefinchfarm.com

* The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment. *