All About Pet Canaries

If you’ve ever wondered where the phrase “canary in the coal mine” or “sang like a canary” originated, you would probably end up in a deep dive about these popular canary birds. Since the 17th century, canary enthusiasts have bred these small birds creating entirely new breeds. You can choose a canary based on its type, color, and song because canaries have vastly changed from their wild bird ancestor. A popular pet bird, as well as the inspiration for Tweety Bird, and a cheerful companion. Canary owners enjoy their pet bird for their beautiful, melodic song.

Historical Canary Sayings

The phrase, “canary in the coal mine” usually means that a problem happens first to someone or something else before it happens to another, acting as a warning for the second event. In the early 1900s, coal miners would bring a canary bird with them down in the mines to detect any toxic fumes as an early warning for the miners to evacuate the mine. The healthy bird would sing in the mine, but being highly sensitive to air quality, would stop singing in presence of carbon monoxide or other toxic fumes alerting the miners to leave. Fortunately for the canary, using live birds was phased out in 1986.

Any true crime enthusiasts will probably tell you that when someone, “sang like a canary” it probably means they snitched or confessed. Depending on which side you’re on - law enforcement or the criminal’s - this could be good news or bad news. Fortunately, for this phrase, no canaries were harmed in the process.

The Canary’s Song

One of the main reasons bird enthusiasts love canaries is because of their melodic, cheerful songs. As mentioned, the birds have been purposely bred over the years for color, type, and their song with red factor canaries and yellow canaries being the most popular for their song. Different breeds could sing different songs depending on which a bird enthusiast prefers. Males and females do not share the same set of skills as male canaries hold the main title for the lead vocalist as they sing more often and better than female canaries. These hens have the ability to sing, but do it rarely and are not the same standard as the male canaries for sale online.

Why Buy Canaries for Sale Online?

Although parrots like the African Grey parrot have increased in popularity as a choice pet bird, canaries still maintain their popularity. Timid and shy, canaries are unlike parrots in terms of being a “hands-on” kind of pet birds. They fare well independently and do not need another canary pet to keep them company. Males and females do not create a bonded pair like love birds and do not need as much attention or bird care as other pet birds as they prefer solitude. These pleasant companions then make for easy “beginner” live, small pets as they are less social than other birds.