Get a Cuddly Cockatiel For Sale

Move over dog people and cat people, the era of bird people has begun. Of course, this refers to pet owners and not animal-human mutations (which would be pretty interesting… are they pets or people?). Besides dogs and cats, birds take one of the top spots in pet popularity. People choose birds as pets because they’re fun to watch and can spark a conversation easily. Amongst the bird category, however, cockatiels take the number one spot for most popular pet bird in America. You can’t put a finger on a single reason for their popularity because there’s just so much to love about them.

The Cockatiel

Lutino Cockatiel

The small bird with a mohawk has been stealing hearts ever since the first eggs left Australia to be shared with the rest of the world. All come with a bright yellow face along with a white or greyish body making it easy to spot your pet hiding in the corner. But it’s not just their appearance that makes them the best, it’s their cheeky and feisty personalities. Cockatiels follow their curiosity with boldness, determined to understand the new toy, cage, or food they’ve received. Besides their feisty manner, cockatiels are cuddly and love to perch on their owner’s shoulders to spend some quality time together.

Male cockatiels whistle, chirp, and serenade more than their female counterparts and love to narcissistically stare at their own reflections, serenading themselves. However, although they make sounds regularly, they’re quiet enough to be a great apartment pet. Cockatiels are a long-term pet and can live up to 20 years. Plus, they love to be pet on their bright red cheeks every day by their favorite person.

Caring For Cockatiels

pair of cockatielsCockatiels enjoy spending time in their cages to forage for their food, play with and destroy new toys (reducing them to shreds), and flying from perch to perch.When purchasing a cage for a pet bird like the cockatiel, make sure it is big enough so the bird’s wings don’t hit any of the bars and it has enough room to fly about for exercise. Place the cage where your pet can see and sing to you, as they love to socialize.

It is also handy to recognize their moods by looking at their crest feathers. When cockatiels are startled or highly curious, their crest feathers are straight up. Feathers flattened and close to the head means your bird is in defensive mode and could possibly hiss. If the crest feathers are held back and their cheek feathers are fluffed, they are relaxed. In any case, you may learn how your pet bird is feeling by analyzing its feathers, rather like a mood ring.

Finding a Cockatiel For Sale

Cockatiels are popular and affordable as they are easy to breed and you may have the chance to see a baby cockatiel if you buy a male and a female. These social pet birds will fill your home with the flutter of feathers and the sweet serenade of the male cockatiel. Just make sure you watch where you step when you let your bird out of its cage… they like to fly down for food! You can find these cute little Cockatiels for sale on The Finch Farm website!