Parakeets For Sale: What They Need

It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to parakeets, also called budgies. Their colorful feathers, small size, and cuteness make them a popular pet. As social and exotic birds, people usually have two parakeets to interact with each other. Two tiny colorful exotic birds who form one of the special bonds birds are known for, can benefit from socializing, make good Internet content, and warms everyone’s heart. Pet parakeets are still live small pets and need attention. Due to their social personality, you cannot just keep a parakeet in a cage and leave it in there without giving it attention. Like with any live bird that you are considering to adopt, like a parakeet, research is necessary to fully understand the pet care needed to raise a parakeet successfully.

1. Parakeets need space.

Although small, parakeets need a large bird cage with bars designed for small birds and you should be on top of the pet products you need to have for successful bird care. Parakeets will be active in any cage and can then fly the length of the cage for exercise. In the wild, these birds fly miles to find food, and need as much as that daily flying in their cage. Their respiratory systems depend on exercise and muscle tone so consider one of the larger bird cages that your home can handle.

2. Parakeets need an assortment of food.

Live birds cannot just rely on packaged bird foods that you buy online or from the pet store alone and need a variety of foods to be healthy. The wild birds eat mostly grass seeds and so your pet birds can also have parakeet seeds as a part of their diet, but they also need fruits and vegetables. With only packaged bird foods like a seed mix without supplements of fresh fruits and vegetables, birds can then fall ill and possibly die from malnutrition. 

3. Parakeets need a lot of water.

For such a small bird, it might be a surprise that as a part of their bird care they need a lot of water and special water care. But parakeets do not just drink the water, but also bathe in it. It would be wise to change the water at least twice a day or have two separate dishes for water.

4. Parakeets need a clean cage.

If a person lived in a tiny environment for over 22 hours a day, it will get messy. Just the same, birds make messes. From eating, chewing on things, and droppings, parakeets make a mess of their bird cages. Newspaper can absorb most of the liquids and also catch the droppings for efficient cleaning.

5. Parakeets need to socialize.

Many parakeet owners usually add a second parakeet to boost their socialization. However, they do still need human attention. When you cannot give your parakeets your full attention, make sure to give them pet products such as bird toys you can buy online or from pet stores like rope toys to busy themselves with. An occupied parakeet is a content parakeet. When choosing where the birdcage will go, make sure it is in a spot where your parakeet can see you and has plenty of rope toys and other bird toys to chew on.

Wild birds, since a pet bird can never be fully domesticated, need special bird care and attention for a lifetime. Parakeets can live between 10-25 years, meaning they need years of socialization and healthy bird care. So if you were considering buying pet parakeets for someone who may not have enough time to tend to exotic birds, you may be better off purchasing some gift cards. If you have decided that you want to adopt a parakeet to bring to its forever home, be sure to be confident in all the knowledge you need to best maintain your new pet before looking for parakeets for sale.