Birds For Sale: What You Need To Know About Pet Birds

When it comes to pet adoption, pet birds are among the most popular human companions. Their gorgeous feathers and sometimes comedic attitudes attract people to keeping live birds as pets. Though popular and exotic birds in captivation has been practiced for years, people who know little of pet care for live birds can be overwhelmed when they adopt a bird with no research. An entirely different type of pet from dogs and cats, pet birds need an entirely different approach to pet care. If you are considering to adopt a bird, there is some logic required to handle live birds before you bring a bird to their forever home.

1. Birds are loud.

There’s a reason you hear birds chirping in the park throughout the day. That’s how they communicate with each other and their voices are meant to travel far distances. So their chirps and squawks aren’t optional. Quiet birds don’t exist.

2. Birds make messes.

Their compulsion to chew on everything makes pet birds pretty messy. They eat throughout the day, dropping bits of food all over their bird cages and probably the floor. Birds don’t just chew on their food, they chew anything their beak can reach after destroying pet products like rope toys. If they can reach the picture frame close to their bird cages, they will definitely chip away at it and other household items until they are no more but little pieces. Their messes must be cleaned constantly, so a vacuum is a must. Plus, think of all the droppings! If you get behind on cleaning, birds can transmit Chlamydiosis (psittacosis) and avian tuberculosis to humans, affecting a human’s breathing.

3. Birds have sensitive respiratory systems.

It is important to be aware of your pet bird’s breathing. Since every time they inhale, they inhale oxygen to their lungs at full capacity. Perfumes, candles, even cookware can harm a bird, but smoking is a definite no-no.

4. Birds have special daily needs.

Additionally, birds need hours of daily socialization meaning that you’re going have to interact with your bird everyday. Outside of these socializing hours, you need to prepare meals since, unlike dog care, bird foods do not always come in one size fit all package, they must eat food that aline with a specific diet.

5. Birds take charge of your schedule.

Like a rooster, birds wake up in the early hours of the morning. Although you can use cage covers to help them sleep, they’ll wake up eventually and they’re early risers . This means that you will hear them before you’re ready to get out of bed. Their long life spans that can go over 80 years means that this is a relationship that lasts a lifetime, including waking up early with your bird every day.

If you are ready to commit to this kind of pet care and understand the logic required to handle a live bird whether it’s an amazon parrot like an African Grey Parrot or a tiny budgie, you can begin to look into how to buy birds on the internet and check out the wide variety of choices available. Take the time to research the specific type of bird you want and learn about what bird foods, rope toys, or cage covers are the best so you can provide the pet care that it needs to finally adopt a bird and bring it to its forever home.