Fun Facts About Parrots

The common connection between parrots and pirates came from none other, but Walt Disney’s movie, Treasure Island, where actor Robert Newman sported an exotic macaw on his shoulder. However, for most people, the macaw was just known as a parrot. Children’s drawings of pirates made sure to include the bright red bird perched on the captain’s shoulder. Cartoon pirates had them too. So, for those outside of bird enthusiast groups, parrots were synonymous with macaws.

A deeper dive into parrots would show that parrots include more than the bright red macaw on pirates’ shoulders. There are over 350 parrot species that include, not only the red macaw, which is actually the scarlet macaw, but also the blue and gold macaw, the hyacinth macaw, among many, many others. But parrots are more than just macaws, budgies, cockatiels, and cockatoos. These are just a few other parrot relatives.

Native to sunny and warm habitats in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as Australia, northern Mexico, and south and central America, these exotic birds flourish in warm climates, but some parrots, such as the monk parakeet prefer cooler climates. Parrots come in all types, colors, and size - with the biggest parrot on record, the Kakapo, at 9 pounds and the smallest parrot, the buff-faced pygmy parrot, at just 0.4 ounces.

Parrot enthusiasts can choose from a wide assortment of pet parrots. Parrots are closely behind the most popular pets of cats and dogs at number four. These exotic birds have colored plumage, social skills, and mimic the speech of humans, which make them exuberant companions. These different parrots come with different expectations as pet birds.

Some of the most prized birds include colorful parrots such as sun conures and green cheek conures, as well as other beautiful birds such as the striking lady gouldian finches. Just as macaws are desired for their popularity and mimicry like the American Grey, a lady gouldian attracts many bird lovers to its striking colors and small size. The beautiful lady gouldian is a tiny chatterer who would fill the home chirping all day. Conures, both sun and green cheek, are loved for their personalities and colors. Both parakeets, the bold sun conure brightens a room with its vibrant feathers and outgoing personality. Green cheek conures, shyer than its other conure counterparts, love to entertain their humans with bird toys in their cage.

In the wild, most parrots live in flocks of about 20-30 birds and thrive off social interaction. So as a pet bird, they demand constant interaction and attention. Without the necessary, daily attention, birds can become depressed and aggressive, they may self-harm, and their vocalizations will be noticeably different.

Large parrots like the African Grey Parrot or a Scarlet Macaw need large bird cages, interaction with their owners, and toys to stimulate their brains. Unlike the companionship with a pet dog, parrots are high maintenance and can live as long as a human. So a pet parrot is definitely a lifetime commitment. That is why research on breeding, behaviors, and speech is necessary for pet lovers before looking to adopt a parrot. However, the smaller parrots like parakeets and budgies are more manageable, but still, need daily interaction.

The range in the color, size, and the type of parrot makes it difficult to comparethe similar traits these wild birds share. What really ties parrots together are their feet and beaks! A bird is a parrot when the bird has a curved beak and has feet that arezygodactyl. Zygodactyl means that there are two toes pointing forward and two pointing backward, unlike other birds who have only one toe pointing backward.

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