African Grey For Sale: The World's Most Intelligent Parrot

African Grey with green foliageWhat pet bird has a bright red tail, piercing orange eyes, and can talk back to you? The African Grey Parrot, which you already knew from the title of this post. At first glance, the African Grey may look like a cool looking pigeon with its grey feathers, but upon closer inspection, its scalloped designed feathers, red tail, and orange eyes can take your breath away. But its appearance is not what makes this pet bird popular, for its intelligence can blow your mind. Known to bird enthusiasts as “The Einstein of the Bird World”, these genius birds can have a vocabulary up to 1000 words, understand the context of a conversation, and they are attuned to human emotions.

The Two Types of African Grey Parrots

here are two subspecies of the African Grey: the Congo African Grey (CAG) and the Timneh African Grey (TAG). The African Grey Congo parrot is the more popular of the two subspecies and originates in the Congo, but loves a larger range naturally. The Timneh African Grey is smaller than the CAG and has darker feathers, almost close to black. However, besides their physical differences, both African Greys are just as intelligent.

African Grey Parrots: Behavior and Training

African GreyAfrican Grey babies learn to mimic sounds at an early age and reach full talking ability by one. As a pet bird, they can repeat words and phrases after hearing them just once and eventually learn the meaning of most words. However, they don’t just repeat words, they also repeat household sounds like microwave beeping and ringtones. As intelligent as they are, they also like to scream and repeat these noises continuously, so be prepared for a lively environment! They’re smart, but also sensitive and demanding. Bird enthusiasts advise that only people who have more experience with birds should seek out a baby African Grey for sale as they can be difficult to manage for beginner pet bird owners.

African Greys tend to have a one-person attitude and favor a particular person even if every member in the house socializes with the pet bird from the first day. They do allow some head-scratching and some birds accept cuddling. Most of the time, these birds enjoy conversation over cuddling and individual contact. African Greys are interactive, but do not like to be in the center of the commotion and prefer to have their parrot cages in the corner of a room to observe the hustle and bustle. Additionally, they are creatures of habit and do not like it when their routine is interrupted.

Finding an African Grey For Sale

Buying a Baby Congo African Grey as a tame African Grey parrot pet can be a little more difficult than purchasing your average Fischer's Lovebird. They also enjoy intelligent and challenging toys such as puzzles or foraging toys These brilliant birds will make a lifelong companion that can brighten a home or an office space with its apt for speaking.