Which Parrots For Sale Are Easily Trainable?

One of the oldest civilizations known to keep records, Sumerians, had a word for birdcage, subura. From their travels on the seven seas with the explorers or pirates, humans have been known to keep birds as pets for centuries. Columbus, during his explorative journeys discovering the New World, brought home a Macaw from South Africa. The Macaw commonly comes to mind when the word “parrot” is mentioned. They've been immortalized through books, cinemas and in theaters for being a pirates first mate! However, there are over 350 different types of parrot species each with their own distinct characteristics and behaviors. Humans have not ceased to want birds as companions even though birds cannot be fully domesticated. Their popularization in the media has driven more demand for pet birds for their “cute” vocalizations and potential to speak human languages. For people researching parrots for sale, it is important to learn as much as you can about your preferred species and understand the responsibility of caring for a wild bird. While people all over the world adopt various species, there are types of parrots that have gained popularity for their intelligence and therefore their train-ability.

1. Macaws

Scarlet Macaw

By far one of the most popular parrot species, Macaws are also one of the biggest parrots. Popularized by pirate movies and stories, as well as an appearance in Disney’s Aladdin, Macaws are the birds that come to mind when someone mentions the word “parrot.” They are comical, affectionate, and can have a strong emotional bond with their human. With parrots having a lifespan that can last over 80 years, pet Macaws must have hours of social interaction every day. This long-term commitment should not be overlooked for the possibility of having a bird who can (but might not) mimic human words. However, pet owners can more easily train Macaws due to their intelligence.

2. African Grey Parrots

African Greys have impressed casual pet owners to scholars alike with their intelligence - enough so that they are known to be one of the most intelligent birds on earth. They have an excellent memory and have remarkable emotional capabilities, making them an attractive parrot species to adopt. Again, since birds cannot be domesticated, they depend on their owners for the attention they need to survive. African Greys need hours of daily interaction with their owner.

African Grey Parrots

3. Cockatoos

Although portrayed as the villain in the 20th Century Fox movie, Rio, Cockatoos are sweet, loving, and highly intelligent. Hailed from Australia, there are various types of Cockatoos, but all share the shame affectionate nature. In turn, Cockatoos develop strong bonds with their owners and can suffer greatly from neglect. After much consideration, when you make the committed decision to choose a Cockatoo, you can have a lifelong relationship who can impress you with its intelligence.

It cannot be stressed enough that owning a parrot goes beyond having a new pet in the house that can possibly mimic your voice and words. Parrots can live over 80 years and need daily interaction. In bird cages, birds cannot be entertained just with bird toys or another bird, but depend on the people in the home. As an exotic bird, it is important to note, parrots can live alongside dogs depending on dog behavior. However, dogs and cats may be the least of your problems with a noisy, messy parrot. It takes time and practice for parrots to be hand fed and for those looking to adopt, must be prepared before adding any exotic pet birds. But as pets, parrots who socialize daily with a committed owner creating a bonded pair, they can best thrive in your home.