What Are the Top 5 Compatible Finches for Mixed Aviaries in Winter?

This is a great question to ask! Compatibility is key when planning your first aviary or adding to a new aviary, as seasonal changes may affect the availability of finch species. Today we are talking about five birds that thrive in mixed aviaries and are usually available during the winter, as well as other seasons:

1. Spice Finch - These playful, entertaining and beautiful finches love swings and enjoy hanging from different objects and toys. Spice Finches for sale also enjoy bathing and should be given the opportunity to do so in a shallow dish of clean water. They look as though they are zooming rather than flying because of their high-energy level, and should be housed in a large flight cage or aviary to give them ample space to fly.

Spice Finch from The Finch Farm

2.  Owl Finch - Social, friendly, active, peaceful describe these owl finches for sale. Owl finches are also active little birds and curious as well. Cute little detectives they are! They will come to investigate anything new added to their aviary or flight cage.

Owl Finch from The Finch Farm

3. Pied Society Finch - Pied Society Finches are one of the most peaceful of all finches. They are gregarious, calm and social with their own species, and other finch species as well. They are rarely aggressive and will be the first to back down if confronted by another more aggressive finch.

Pied Society Finch from The Finch Farm

4.  Gold Breasted Waxbill - Gold Breasted Waxbills are friendly, sociable and active. Be sure to introduce these beautiful birds into an aviary with plenty of space for their high energy needs.

Gold Breasted Waxbill from The Finch Farm

5. European Goldfinch - European Goldfinches are high energy, social and peaceful birds, that can be kept with other finches of similar size and temperament, as long as the cage is large enough. A large flight cage or aviary that is wider than it is tall to provide ample space for flying from perch to perch would be appropriate. These beautiful birds need available space to fly inside the cage to stay healthy.

European Goldfinch from The Finch Farm

The Finch Farm takes great joy in helping its customers find the perfect birds for their home. Feel free to call our helpful team of customer service agents today at 877-527-5656 to help you plan and fill your aviary today!

* Please keep in mind, the birds recommended in this article do not mix well with Lady Gouldian Finches due to their high activity level, unless kept in a large aviary with generous available space.*