COVID-19 brought challenges that we met with new and extensive safety protocols increasing biosecurity for our pets, workers, and you, our customers. We have two farms and five warehouses or Fulfillment Centers located in Washington State. We also have a fantastic partnered farmer warehouse in Florida for our larger birds and an extensive group of farmers across the United States of America. We are fully operational and shipping. During this period, Delta Airlines, one of our main Commercial Airline channels, announced that live cargo shipments would be limited to direct flights only, and while that has slowed the pace a bit, for some selections, the majority of our pets are moving just fine. The country has seen a spike in need for companion pets, a natural reaction to these lonely times. Our team works tirelessly to get your pets to you as soon as time permits, but never so fast to compromise the safety, for you, the pets, or our workforce. 

The majority of our shipments occur through USPS, which is operating wonderfully. Additionally, Pet food and other pet essentials are also delivered through USPS and moving well. We have experienced some delays associated with our Small Animals, Fish, Birds, and Reptile farms. We expect this to be back to normal velocity as we move through this COVID-19 period.  We much appreciate your patience as the cargo for commercial airlines ramps back up to full swing.

Our bird farms are secure with state of the art advanced biosecurity measures that have been operational for several years ensuring both human and pet safety. Our patent-pending 'Quarantine Booths',, have proven timely and helpful for increased quality control and health. 

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through this historical time together - As we share with our TEAM each day, "Let's all stay safe, exercise kindness, care for the pets, each other, and our dear, dear customers.