Estimated Delivery Times (EDT) and types are posted for all birds. This is the ‘estimated’ timeline from order placement to order shipment. EDTs are affected by many dynamic factors and fluctuate accordingly. We update our site on a continuous basis to reflect changing EDTs.

In some cases birds may ship sooner, however depending on the popularity of the bird and how many orders are ahead of you, shipping times may also extend past the estimated delivery time. DNA Testing (if purchased) adds a minimum of 3 weeks to the delivery date.


  1. As you load your cart with birds remember each delivery type requires a safety travel box. If you want to combine Rabbit and Turtle types, for instance, you will need to purchase two travel boxes, one for each type - For safety, we do not ship birds of different delivery types in the same travel box.
  2. We do allow Cheetah and Rabbit types to be combined in the same travel box but it is the only exception.