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Blue Dacnis

Description: The blue dacnis or turquoise honeycreeper (Dacnis cayana) is a small passerine bird. This member of the tanager family is found from Nicaragua to Panama, on Trinidad, and...
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Crimson Seedcracker

Description: The Crimson Seedcracker (Pyrenestes sanguineus) is a common species of estlildid finch found in Western Africa.  Natural habitat includes freshwater swamp-forest, tidal creeks, brushy growth along streams, low dense...

Montane White Eye

Description:The white-eyes, also known as Broad-Ringed White-Eyes, are small passerine birds native to Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Australasia and are of the Zosteropidae family. All the species of white-eyes are sociable, forming large flocks which...