Just imagine the look of excitement when your loved-one opens up their present and discovers it's a priceless pet!  Let us simplify your holiday season with our magical 'Pet Packages' that hold the future to your loved one's, new love.    Our 'Pet Packages' are available for our full line of pets and will fit beautifully under your tree.  Happy Holidays, and remember to let us help you make your dreams come true...

*** Be sure to select 'Add gift wrapping' at checkout, and we'll do all the rest!

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First, you’ll will receive our beautifully wrapped ‘Pet Package Box’.  The box includes the pet's ‘Certificate of Ownership’, a photo of the new pet or its type, and the essential information regarding preparations for you or your loved one's new pets arrival, and estimated delivery date.  Additionally, receive a coupon for future purchases such as toys and supplies, and even decide later on exactly which puppy, kitten, bird, or other pet is the exact fit for your home and family.

Finally, if you'd like, choose our six monthly simple, 0% interest payments, so you can easily give the gift of love this holiday season. 


Let us take the pressure off this holiday season as you enjoy your priceless moments with your loved ones, and put a 'Pet Package' under your tree...