no-refunds-for-animal-breeders-cannot-take-money-back.pngDear customers, please carefully read our 'Terms and Conditions' by clicking here: live pet no-return policy. We understand that buying a new pet is an exciting time, and we want our customers to feel at ease with their agreement. We want our customers to have an excellent experience to foster a warm and ongoing relationship that stands the test of time. So, we need to highlight the importance of reading and understanding our 'Terms and Conditions'. We provide this on our site under the 'About Us' topic menu on the green ribbon. It's called 'Terms and Conditions. We also ensure that all customers confirm that they have read and understood our 'Terms and Conditions' at checkout before purchase. 

We greatly appreciate our customers, and we strive to serve them in a sincere effort to delight them with stunning pet birds and other pets. The Pandemic affected supply lines from government shutdowns. For sure, this was a challenging time for everyone. Please know we are delivering unshipped orders as fast as we can now that supply lines are opening up again. We thank our customers, suppliers, farmers, and staff for working together during this time in history.