March 21, 2018      

owl-finch-3.pngBird Education - TOP 10 Reasons Birds Die:

Here at The Finch Farm we have great excitement helping customers make their dreams come true with avian companion pet ownership. We also have great compassion for our feathered friends, and we continually try and support our customers with avian education to help you keep your new companion pets healthy and happy. 

Pet avian enthusiasts are easily able to mitigate and resolve the main culprits contributing to the death of pet birds by addressing these areas:


  • Helpful hint: Dr. R. Marshall, a leading international avian expert, recommends adding 1 drop of bleach into 1.2 cups (8 ounce cups) of your bird’s drinking water as a healthy practice.
  • Other practices might include: Adding a drop or 2 of raw apple cider to your bird’s drinking water, or using distilled water for your bird’s drinking source.

* Note 1 teaspoon of liquid = 100 drops of solution - That means the above suggestion of bleach would be a VERY small amount and equal to 1/100 th. of a teaspoon of bleach. 

* If you wish to make a larger batch of drinking water with bleach, the proportions would be 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water.

We wish you the happiest of times with your feathered friends!

The Finch Farm TEAM