Oct.29, 2019

Did You Know The Finch Farm Has An In-House Animal Behavioral Specialist?

Yes, it’s true! The Finch Farm's very skilled Operations Manager, Dee, is also a talented behavioral animal specialist. She is proud to hold prestigious Professional Membership Status in ABMA, the Animal Behavior and Management Alliance, and she is also is a member in the Arizona Falconer’s Association. Dee trains, breeds and specializes in minor to extreme behavioral issues and indoor/outdoor flight recall training.

Dee’s knowledge of animals began as a young child, when she and her family rescued many birds including a red tail hawk fledging. She continued gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the avian sector, as well as in the equine field, and established a 55 stall multi-discipline show barn with a primary focus of rescuing, rehabbing, and training horses in Connecticut. 

Currently Dee has two feathered family members, including a rescued Severe Macaw and a very rare Miliffon Macaw. They keep her on her toes! She has accumulated vast experience rescuing and training a variety of bird species such as Macaws, African Greys, Conures, Cockatoos and Caiques. In addition, Dee has bred large species Macaws and Green Cheek Conures

It’s a pleasure sharing just a snippet of the wealth of expertise and heart that Dee has brought to The Finch Farm Company, over the past couple of years, and to the many happy avian customers and their feathered friends. We are looking forward to many more years together!


Feb. 20, 2019

New Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty!

We are so proud of the high quality birds we are able to provide to you, and the excellent customer service we offer to help you adjust to your ownership of new avian companion pets. Check out our New Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty, located in our Guarantee section of our website, and learn about our additional support as you help your wonderful new birds adapt to their new environments. We are here and ready to help new avian enthusiasts as well as veteran customers! 



June 21st, 2018

New 'View Order Status' Bar!

The Finch Farm has launched its new and automated 'View Order Status' bar! This will now allow our wonderful customers to see their orders advance through each stage of the fulfillment process, confident their order is progressing through our farmers network, quarantine process, vet-certification and other stages to ensure the finest quality and health of their new pet bird.  

Birds can be delicate creatures and special care is carried out through each stage of the fulfillment process. We strive to produce only the finest of pet birds with our advancing computer automated system(s) and we appreciate our loyal customers who have helped us grow with fantastic suggestions that we will continue to implement in order to serve you better.  

While weather delays and sometimes quality control issues can slow the process, our commitment is to delight our customers with a new and revolutionized way for them to find the pet bird of their dreams.  

Here is the new 'View Order Status' bar found in your 'Bird Account'. 



June 1, 2018

New Customer Support Rollout!

The Finch Farm has grown at an amazing pace because of the Internet and the strong demand for beautiful birds. What was once a small breeder company helping to solve DNA issues for a severely endangered bird species has turned into a tremendous growth company.   

Starting JULY 1st, we will provide a new questionnaire to help ensure that our animal’s future environment and care is aligned with our mission and values of animal rights and welfare. 

We will continue to work on behalf of our treasured customers as we carry out our stated mission. Thank you for sharing a strong belief regarding animal rights and welfare. Quality and safety are paramount for both our companion pets and our customers. We have very happy customers, but we have listened to several of our customers who were disappointed, and we are in an active process to remedy their disappointment.  

As always, we welcome our customer feedback, and 'Billy The Bird' always wants to know how we can become a better company for both our companion pets and our customers as we all grow together.




April 2nd, 2018

New 'Estimated Delivery' chart!  

NEW! We are streamlining our delivery system to speed up delivery times and ensure the safety of your pets.


Each bird is being tagged by a delivery type using the above chart. As you load your cart with birds remember each delivery type requires a safety travel box. If you want to combine Rabbit and Turtle types, for instance, you will need to purchase two travel boxes, one for each type - For safety, we do not ship birds of different delivery types in the same travel box.

 Notes: These delivery speeds are estimates and orders often ship sooner. Also, we do allow Cheetah and Rabbit types to be combined in the same travel box but it is the only exception.          

Please contact us for additional information for any birds showing our "starfish" delivery icon on our website.




March 20, 2018

For Immediate Release

The Finch Farm Company Announces

New Innovative Avian Quality Control Quarantine Stations

We’re excited to announce we have designed and integrated new quality control quarantine stations into our bird breeding and shipping procedures. We now employ high quality air cleaning systems that filter to .03 microns so our birds are able to experience ultra clean air during the entire quality control quarantine station process.  

tff-innovative-quarantine-stations.pngOur innovative ‘organic’ approach to quality control avoids medicating our birds with antibiotics, which sadly, is a standard tactic amongst bird breeders who sell birds.  By avoiding such toxic medications we avoid ‘covering up’ harmful bacteria and viruses that can go undetected.  

Pet bird buyers may lack awareness of such practices, and later may become surprised to discover their fine feathered friend has become ill or has experienced an unfortunate death. We look forward to increasing the health of the pet birds we supply as well as influencing the entire avian community with our improved systems and procedures. 

We have initiated our patenting process, which will allow us to soon share more details of our new quality control quarantine stations with the entire avian community.  

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Dear Valued Customers, 

Our vision is to change the pet industry by offering the highest quality and variety of birds in the most efficient manner possible to our customers. We know our customers also share these desires and values. 

As we continue to utilize state of the art technologies, prices have elevated at times so the company can continue to deliver outstanding results to an Avian world, enthusiastic for stunning companion pets. These pricing changes ensure we can deliver the highest quality of pets and pet products to you, as well as ensuring that our aviaries and facilities are in pristine condition. An exciting example of our advancements in this Avian world is our intention to band all parrot type birds with RFID tags for cutting edge traceability and analysis.

The Finch Farm is always examining and reexamining possible ways to keep our prices at the most reasonable level for you. If there is a way to do this without compromising quality, we are committed to doing so!  

When we see cost savings opportunities, you will experience these in the form of ‘Sales Specials’ and lower prices.  

Thank you again to you, our valued customers, and we wish you the very best in 2018!


lovebirds-200x50.jpg                     Order Delivery Update:12-20-17    

All orders placed currently are shipping full steam ahead with our new quality control system. We are committed to you, our valued customers, and to delivering high-quality companion pets. 

Our birds are fantastic, vibrant, and healthy. However, if a concerning bacteria is discovered during the quality control process, all of the birds in that delivery segment are quarantined until we can ensure these birds and neighboring birds are healthy and ready for shipping. 

Orders in the delivery process segment from approximately Halloween to Thanksgiving may experience an additional delay of 30 days, beyond your bird’s original ‘Estimated Availability’ date as noted on our website. This additional time is needed for the confirmation process to ensure you receive healthy birds. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our concern for the health of our birds and your satisfaction is paramount.

If your order includes multiple types of birds, be assured our advanced software system manages these orders very well, and your order will ship as soon as time permits.

Again, we thank you for your patience, and we want to assure you that all new orders are being shipped full steam ahead!

We wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful year ahead! 

Santa still has plenty of room in his sleigh, to deliver and place Christmas Finch Farm ‘Gift Certificates’ under your tree …  




Happy Holidays! We at The Finch Farm are wishing everyone a wonderful season of joy and thanksgiving. At this hurried time of year we would like to share some good news.  

We have been upgrading our quality control program to a new level that is both exciting and sophisticated. 

We have been and will continue executing necessary inline quality control changes. Be assured, no bird will be shipped unless it passes our new and extended quality control process which is Veterinarian certified and confirms, traps, and resolves bacteria types that are of concern - The welfare of our birds and our customers warrants meticulous quality control requirements. 

Shipping is now full speed ahead and under our new delivery system.  We're thankful for the animal and health professionals who have helped us implement our new level of quality control and our new patentable bio-safe quarantine booths.

The great news is that this exercise is producing an even greater and more refined delivery process for your Avian companion pets.  If you would like your birds to be delivered before specific holiday events, please indicate this in your order so that we can reach out to you to make your holidays exciting.  

Thank you for helping us to become the #1 Online source for Avian companion pets and supplies. We most sincerely wish all of our customers and online shoppers a happy holiday season filled with joy and great blessings.