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Bird Perch - Natural Wood Branch

Cosmic Crunch perches are excellent for x-small to medium sized birds. These perches are made from rubber tree wood and coated with a 100% natural pulverized sea shell coating. They provide excellent foot exercise and the hard coating keeps beaks...
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No avian enthusiast should be caught without a finch and bird net... no pun intended :)  Finches and other birds are fast. Bird nets are handy to assist catching escapees and are good to have on hand during cage transfers. Small - 6" Diameter - 6"...
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Plastic Water Tubes

Water tubes are a great alternative to water cups. Be sure to initially offer both water cups and tubes so that your birds always have water available. It could take time for them to get used to a water tube.  Small - 4" L  Medium - 5"...
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Stainless Coop Cups

Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Coop Cups are ideal for all pet birds and small animal and pet bird cages. The Finch Farm offers plenty of pet bird supplies for sale as well as the widest selection of pet birds for sale in USA. 10 oz...
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