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Mosaic Canary

Description: Mosaic canaries companion pets were first exhibited in 1946 in the Netherlands. Mosaic is a term to describe color variations and mosaic canaries come in a variety of colors including shades of red, red-brown, yellow and yellow-opal. If...
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NanSun Conure

Identification:  The NanSun conure is a cross between the Nanday and Sun conures. The Nanday conure (Aratinga nenday) also known as the black-hooded parakeet or nanday parakeet is a medium to small mostly...
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Parrotlet - American Yellow

Identification: The American Yellow Pacific Parrotlets are all yellow in coloring. Their natural habitat is arid lowland scrub, semi-open tropical deciduous woodland, gallery forest and secondary growth. Pet Parrotlets are one of the smallest...
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Parrotlet - Pied

Identification: Pet Pied Pacific Parrotlets are varied in their coloring. No two Pied Pacific Parrotlets are alike. Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot species. Pied Pacific Parrotlet pets have stocky builds and short tails. In the wild,...
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Pied Zebra Finch

The wonderful Pied Zebra Finch adds excitement to any aviary. It is a favorite to Zebra lovers everywhere. Originating in Australia, this wonderful bird has become the most common household finch in the United States. These species are hardy and...
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