Shipping and Safety Travel Boxes

Every live bird order must contain a 'Safety Travel Box'. 

We've worked hard to give you the very best quality and experience for your bird's travel. Our temperature controlled safety travel boxes ensure your pet's safety and comfort.  

We've also worked diligently with USPS, Airline Companies, FedEx, and others to streamline this process. We hope you'll enjoy our new easy to use system as we continue to serve you.  Why we charge for the 'Safety Travel Box'.

        $79.99 - LIVE BIRD(S) - (USPS) Safety Travel Box  


       $214.99 - LIVE BIRD(S) - (Commercial Airline) Safety Travel Box 


NOTE:  If you have forgotten to select a Live Bird Travel Box, or have selected the wrong travel box, please do not place a second order as this will trigger multiple orders in our system. We will happily make the proper box adjustments to your order. Thank you!



         $15.99BIRD SUPPLIES - (USPS) Travel Boxes

 FREE SHIPPING for SUPPLY Orders $59 plus

* Our system is smart and knows when your supplies are $59+ so simply skip adding a supply box when making an order of "supplies" valued at $59 plus



  1. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirming your purchase along with our 'Bird Care Instructions' to help you prepare for your bird(s) arrival. 

  2. The day your order is ready to ship, you will receive 2 emails: 1 with a picture of your bird(s) in their shipping box and a second email with your USPS tracking number. Orders arrive through the post office associated with the zip code of your shipping address. Arrival times take from one (1) to three (3) days once your order has shipped. 

  3.  After receiving your 2 emails please contact your post office to let them know you have a 'Live Bird Shipment' arriving and ask them to call you as soon as it arrives. 

  4. Give the post office your phone number found on your shipping label - the post office is instructed to call you ASAP. (Live Bird USPS orders ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week to ensure that your birds are never left over a weekend at your post office.)

  5. Please pick up your birds from the post office on the day the post office calls you for maximum bird health. However, if you are unable to pick up your birds in person at the post office, please make arrangments directly with the post office to ensure your birds get delivered to you via the USPS Express Delivery Truck on the same day. 

  6. Hook-bills and finches require separate shipping boxes or dividers. If additional funds are required to ship your order, we will contact you for any payment adjustment.

  7. Delta Airlines is currently the carrier being used for shipments of Live Bird air cargo.  

  8. Coupon Codes are entered in the 'Order Confirmation' section at the time of checkout. Only one coupon code, including promotions, can be used per order. We ship nationwide including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Hawaiian shipments can only ship by Commercial Air through Delta Airlines to Honolulu. Special handling is required, in addition to extra handling fees. Please call for more information.