Shipping and Safety Travel Boxes

We've worked hard to give you the very best quality and experience as we ship your bird(s) and bird supplies. We cooperate diligently with USPS, Airline Companies, FedEx, and others to streamline our shipping process. We hope you'll enjoy our new easy to use system as we continue to serve you:  Why we charge for the 'Safety Travel Box'.

A USPS Safety Travel Box is needed to ship your bird(s) to you which costs $79.99. This is a requirement of the US Postal Service and there are no additional shipping fees. Our travel boxes are insulated, climate controlled, include a perch and all necessary dietary needs to ensure your bird(s) has / have a safe and comfortable shipping journey.  After live orders ship via USPS Express Priority Mail the travel time is typically 1 to 3 days to reach you. For live orders using Commercial Air shipping we will contact you once your order is available to ship and confirm the days you're able to pick up your order at the airport. After the flight is booked, the itinerary will be forwarded to you by email.

       $79.99 - LIVE BIRD(S) - (USPS) Safety Travel Box  


       $279.99 - LIVE BIRD(S) - (Commercial Airline) Safety Travel Box 


       $499.99 - LIVE LARGE BIRD(S) - (Door to Door Delivery)





      $15.99BIRD SUPPLIES - (USPS) Travel Boxes

           ...FREE SHIPPING for SUPPLY Orders $59 plus