Why do we charge for the 'Safety Travel Box’ ?

The Finch Farm Company would like you to know that the company receives no profit from the ‘safety travel boxes’ or from any shipping fees associated with your order. After the ‘safety travel box’ materials and the necessary labor components for shipping are accounted for, there is zero profit for the company.

Thank goodness The Finch Farm is able to keep its prices as mathematically low as possible for our customers. In 2017, USPS raised shipping costs, and the farm chose not to pass this burden on to our customers. The company absorbed these additional costs to ensure the best and the lowest possible bird prices could be maintained for our customers. In addition, despite the ever-increasing costs associated with time investments and efforts needed to farm birds, the company continues to keep bird prices very low. This is a great win for the customers! 

The Finch Farm staff is a group of professionals and enthusiasts that work diligently on behalf of our customers. It has grown to become a wonderful company this year, both inside and out. Our company continues to put animal welfare and its customer's needs at the center of its business efforts.

Thank you again, for evolving with us. The company will continue to strive for increased efficiency models in an effort to lower the cost of avian pet ownership. If the company discovers increased cost-effective methods to safely deliver these wonderful pet birds, it will implement these processes. You can count on that.  

We are hoping your avian enthusiasm prospers greatly and as always, we strongly encourage all avian enthusiasts to breed in a shared and large scale effort to help the many avian endangered species in this ever changing planet.  

With High Regards,

The Finch Farm Team